Fun • Dynamic • Engaging • Transformative

These may not be words that you would normally associate with workplace trainings, yet that is exactly how participants describe the Mosaic Consulting Project’s diversity and inclusion, team building, and effective communication programs.

In a Mosaic Consulting Project training you will:

  • expand your capacity to work across lines of difference.
  • cultivate more collaborative and inclusive teams.
  • increase employee engagement.

Using lively, thought-provoking activities and techniques, we design the optimal program for your group. You will leave each training with a set of tools and resources to meet challenges specific to your organization.


Absolutely and utterly moving. I can see a difference in the team dynamic already.”
– Lindsay Barnett, Old Navy

“The MCP training was an incredibly enriching experience. We were able to go deep into intense areas, yet the facilitators skillfully created a safe, compassionate and curious environment that built community and understanding. Every worksite/corporation should go through this training!”
– Marcella Raimondo, Kaiser Permanente

“This was the most incredible work experience ever!” Steph Escoto, Gap Inc.